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Portable air heaters such as EuroHeater are essential in many work and rescue environments. They provide protection against hypothermia, improve work efficiency and ensure optimal working conditions. By providing a comfortable temperature environment, they not only contribute to the health and safety of employees, but also increase overall productivity and efficiency. Given these benefits, they are a sensible investment for companies operating in cold environments.


With air heaters from Euroheater, you get quality created for arctic and cool climates. As your faithful partner, Euroheater delivers safe and secure heat for consumers in various scenarios. Our products are portable and you can easily transport it with you or have the device in use in a fixed location


EuroHeater directs the heat to the desired location via a hose system. Do not use it indoors, but always outdoors!



  • SAR & USAR task forces
  • Rescue teams
  • Military & Tactical Applications
  • Disaster protection
  • Civil protection & Civil defense
  • Police & Paramedics
  • Border protection
  • Fire department
  • Relief organizations

The provision of heat, for example by the EUROHEATER, minimizes the risk of hypothermia for injured persons and rescue workers at the scene, which usually leads to better medical results or a possible prolongation of treatment in the field.

Mobile heaters, such as EUROHEATER, help to keep essential equipment operational and ready for use quickly by preventing it from freezing or being damaged in extreme temperatures.


Mobile heaters such as EUROHEATER provide immediate heating for emergency shelters, which significantly improves the well-being and chances of survival of those affected in cold environments. Providing a warm environment for rescue workers increases their efficiency and concentration, which increases the success of the rescue.

Mobile heating systems as EUROHEATER are often independent of fixed electricity and gas lines, which makes them useful in remote areas or even in disaster zones. Mobile heating systems can be easily transported from one place to another, making them ideal for changing locations.


With EUROHEATER‘s portable multi-fuel air heater, responders can significantly improve the chances of survival of potential victims, as insufficient body heat can lead to hypothermia. This approach (use of heat and heaters) during operations can also have a positive impact on the safety of your rescue team, as cold places are generally dangerous places. Warmth is needed in many places. For example, it is particularly important after a natural disaster such as flooding, storms, landslides or after fire disasters and accidents. In winter, but also on cool summer nights.


Manage your operation, not your heater! – The use of mobile heaters, such as the EUROHEATER, significantly optimizes the need for human resources. Thanks to their user-friendly operation and easy transportability, they can be deployed and maintained quickly and efficiently by a small team. This reduces the need for extensive training and minimizes manpower requirements, even under extreme conditions and in remote areas. 

Der EUROHEATER ist kompakt und leicht zu transportieren, was es Einsatzkräften ermöglicht, den mobilen Lufterhitzer nach Bedarf an verschiedene Einsatzorte zu bringen. Er verfügt über benutzerfreundliche Funktionen, die eine einfache Bedienung auch unter schwierigen Bedingungen sicherstellen. Der EUROHEATER ist ein professioneller, tragbarer Lufterhitzer, der für arktische Temperaturen bis zu minus 50 Grad Celsius und Höhenlagen bis zu 3.000 Metern geeignet ist. Er zeichnet sich durch seine kompakte Bauweise, geringe Geräuschentwicklung und die Verwendung hochwertiger europäischer Komponenten aus. Der Lufterhitzer erwärmt kalte, raue Luft mithilfe von Kraftstoff und kann über eine 12-V-Batterie, eine Autosteckdose oder eine 230-V-Netzsteckdose betrieben werden.

The EUROHEATER is manufactured from high-quality materials and components that meet the highest standards. Thanks to its robust design, it offers exceptional reliability and durability, even under demanding conditions for professional users. This makes it particularly resistant to wear and tear and guarantees a long service life. This mobile air heater is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. It can efficiently heat everything from command posts to sanitary tents, mobile field kitchens, crew tents and shelters. Regardless of the area of use, it always provides reliable heat.


EUROHEATER is built to keep your costs down. However, it is not only the pure purchase of the device that has to be considered, but also the savings that are possible by operating the device throughout your organization. In particular, the TCO Total Cost of Ownership must be considered. EUROHEATER is built in such a way that it is stable and durable on the one hand and suitable for many different application scenarios on the other.


The use of heaters, especially portable air heaters such as EuroHeater, is crucial in various environments. These devices offer numerous benefits, from preventing hypothermia to increasing work efficiency. An analysis of the reasons and benefits of these heaters is presented below.

Possible prevention of hypothermia
Hypothermia, or hypothermia, is a condition in which the body temperature falls below the normal range, which can lead to significant health risks. In working environments, especially in unheated or poorly insulated rooms, low temperatures can endanger the health of employees. Portable air heaters have a potential role to play here:

  • Health protection: by maintaining a comfortable room temperature, portable heaters help to minimize the risk of hypothermia. This is particularly important in areas where employees or even victims are exposed to low temperatures for long periods of time.
  • Rapid heat supply: Portable heaters can provide quick and targeted heat, which is particularly important in emergencies or when there is a sudden decline in temperature.

Increased work efficiency

A comfortable working environment is a key factor in employee productivity and efficiency. Cold working conditions can not only affect physical health, but also have a negative impact on cognitive performance and motivation.

  • Improved concentration and performance: Studies have indicated that employees concentrate better and work more efficiently in rooms with a pleasant temperature. Portable heating devices allow the temperature to be adjusted quickly, which optimizes working conditions. This is particularly important in locations with limited infrastructure.
  • Reduced breaks: In cold environments, more frequent breaks are necessary so that employees can warm up. This leads to interruptions and reduces overall efficiency. With portable heaters, such breaks can be minimized.
  • Flexibility and mobility: Portable air heaters can be easily transported from one area to another, which is particularly advantageous in large warehouses, workshops or construction sites. This means they can be used specifically where they are needed most.

Advantages of warm tools

In addition to the general room temperature, the temperature of the tools also plays an important role. Cold tools and machines can impair the efficiency and safety of work.

  • Preventing condensation: In cold environments, condensation can form on tools and machines, which can lead to corrosion and mechanical problems. Warm tools prevent this and increase the service life of the equipment.
  • Safety and handling: Cold tools can be harder to handle and increase the risk of accidents. Warmer tools fit better in the hand and are safer to use.
  • Immediate operational readiness: In many industrial applications, machines must be brought to a certain temperature before operation. Portable heaters can accelerate this process, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity.

EuroHeater: Specific advantages
EuroHeater are particularly powerful and efficient portable heaters, characterized by their reliability and versatility.

  • High efficiency: EuroHeater are known for their high-energy efficiency, which makes them cost-effective to operate.
  • Robust construction: These appliances are often robust and durable, making them ideal for demanding industrial environments.
  • Easy transportation and installation: EuroHeater are usually compact and easy to transport, which expands their application possibilities.

Portable air heaters such as EuroHeater are essential in many work and rescue environments. They provide protection against hypothermia, improve work efficiency and ensure optimal working conditions. By providing a comfortable temperature environment, they not only contribute to the health and safety of employees, but also increase overall productivity and efficiency. Given these benefits, they are a sensible investment for companies operating in cold environments.


EuroHeater heaters are ideally suited for emergency services. To increase the chances of rescue and reduce the risks for your own team.



In a world of unpredictable situations and critical moments, the role of civil defense is more important than ever. Euroheater 4D helps ensure warmth, comfort and safety in the field where it is needed.


In the challenging and varied cold climate, reliable heating is essential for military operations. Euroheater 4D Military is an excellent heat source for military use.


Developed for military users, Canheat Tactical aims to provide soldiers with mobile warmth during cold weather to increase comfort in the field and improve combat performance.


The Solution is a portable air heater in a compact, quiet and safe unit. Manufactured in Canada, with exclusively European parts, we deliver quality built for arctic and cool climates for all of Europe, hence the Euroheater brand.




Economical in operation with a maximum of 0.5 liter consumption per hour at full power (4 kw) or 0.1 liter consumption per hour at lowest power (1 kw).



14 hours of continuous use at full power, or three days of continuous use at the lowest power (1 kw).



Shockproof tank with safety valve and capacity of 7.5 liters of fuel.


EUROHEATER – Portable Multi-Fuel Diesel Air Heaters – Tactical & Civil 



Runs on diesel, construction diesel, kerosene and F-34 military fuel.



The Euroheater 4D Civil Defense is portable and easy to transport, giving the military the flexibility to take the mobile air heater to different locations as needed



It also has user-friendly features that make it easy to operate even under demanding conditions.


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